Bucky Covington Learns the Ropes


Bucky Covington performs at the Nightly Concert on the Vault Concert Stage LP Field Sunday, June 8 in Downtown Nashville during the 2008 CMA Music Festival. Photographer: John Russell / CMA

Nov. 5, 2008 — It was just two years ago that Bucky Covington established himself on "American Idol" and found his way to a country recording contract.

This new into the business, he’s wisely taking it slow in building his career, still establishing a fan base and learning how to work a crowd. He says he’s taking it from the ground up as he aims for a place among country’s biggest stars.

"The goal would always be to be your headliner, and have your own show," he told the national radio show GAC Nights: Live From Nashville. "But right now I don’t have a budget, or the experience or anything, you know, to have a big production with lights and everything. So right now I’m doing it with just completely music."

And music is definitely the focus. It was the primary concern when he put together the team that joins him on the road.

"First of all I hired a great band," he said. "My guitar player, Jeff Cease, is the original lead guitar player for Black Crowes, I mean just a awesome guy, really nice. And everybody in my band has all got the same goal in mind. They want to make the show better."

One song Bucky and the boys have to play in every show these days is "I’ll Walk." The ballad is currently ranked at No. 10 on the Country Aircheck singles chart.