Merle Haggard Bouncing Back


Merle Haggard photo courtesy of Capitol Nashville.

Nov. 10, 2008 — A week after Merle Haggard had surgery to remove a tumor from his lung, the Country Music Hall of Famer is back home and recovering with the hope that the cancer has disappeared in its entirety.

"Due to the surgeon, Dr. Peck; the Tylenol pushers on the fourth floor of the Memorial Hospital; and most of all, my wife Theresa, I’m feeling good — better and better each day," Merle says. "If not for the love and wisdom of my wife, I might not be around today."

Merle returned home Saturday night, five days after the operation, with high hopes for rejuvenating his health. He had been diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer, a form that has a higher cure rate than he might otherwise have expected. Post-surgery tests suggest that all the cancerous tissue was removed from the upper portion of his right lung.

Merle gave a good sign when he woke up in the recovery room: After opening his eyes, he yodeled and smiled.