Gary Allan Has Courtroom Drama


Gary Allan photo courtesy of Universal Music Group Nashville.

May 26, 2009 — Gary Allan has established a dedicated fan base, but one of his admirers has allegedly crossed the line in her obsession with the singer. He’ll encounter her face-to-face Wednesday in a Tennessee courtroom.

Gary’s house was burglarized and vandalized May 2, and Hendersonville police arrested Katherine Walker 12 days later in conjunction with the incident.

A hearing is slated at the Sumner County Court House in Gallatin, and Gary is expected to attend as evidence is presented in an attempt to document a four-year pattern of stalking.

Female acts are most typically the victims of stalkers, though Gary’s not the only male country singer who’s made the news with legal proceedings against obsessive women. The late Bill Monroe and Eddy Arnold likewise filed charges against inappropriate fans.