GAC Country Q&A: Week of February 3, 2006

By Neil Haislop

Each week our friend and country music expert, Neil Haislop, tackles your toughest questions. So fire away with questions about your favorite country stars, then stop by each week to see if your question was selected!

Q: Why do country artists re-release CDs with one new song on them? I bought Trisha's Jasper County and the Garth box set when they first came out. Now both are being re-released with their duet on it. It doesn't seem fair to those of us who already spent the money on the CDs. I don't need a second copy just to get one song, no matter how good the song is.
Sue, LaCrosse, Wis.

A: Sue, that's a good question and it bugs a lot of people. But it's just an example of good marketing. Re-releasing albums, like Garth's or Trisha's albums, that contain a hot new song may induce people that haven't yet bought their albums to finally pick it up. Also, some avid collectors will buy every version of their favorite artist's album, as fans did buying all three versions of Shania Twain's last album, and those who bought all versions of a Garth release that each had different cover art on them. The good news is that selling CD singles and downloads of singles is a big business and you should be able to easily buy songs that were added to albums you already own.

Q: There was an artist who sang a song called "Honesty." Do you know what his name is? I saw him at the Opry last year. I think is name was Rodney something?
Todd, Woodbridge, Va.

A: Todd, you're right—his name is Rodney something . . . Rodney Atkins, to be exact. Rodney released that good song in 2003. To find out more about Rodney and his music, check out his website,

Q: I just recently saw Terri Clark's music video for "Girls Lie Too" and I was wondering if the guy in the video is really Johnny Depp dressed up like Jack Sparrow?
Stephanie, Chicago, Ill.

A: Stephanie, a lot of people wondered if that was Johnny Depp when the video came out—particularly after they released hints prior to the video's release that it might be Depp. In the end, the Jack Sparrow character was played by the director of the video, Shaun Silva, who was made up to look remarkably like Depp's Sparrow character.

Q: Will Toby Keith's new album, White Trash With Money, be on his Show Dog label?
Ruth, Pfafftown, N.C.

A: Yes, Ruth, both the single "Get Drunk and Be Somebody" and album White Trash With Money are proud firsts for Toby's new Show Dog Records. Later this month Toby will be revealing when the album will come out, as well as plans for his record company to produce and release the soundtrack CD from his upcoming movie.

Q: Who is going to open for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their new Soul2Soul II tour? I am getting really excited about it! It's going to be the first time I am able to see Faith in concert!
Jessica, Milton, Iowa

A: Jessica, I'm as excited about the new tour as you are. It was sure great the first time they did this back in 2000. On that tour, the only opening act they had was The Warren Brothers, who came out for a brief acoustic set. For this tour there has been no opening act announced, but that doesn't preclude an occasional guest appearance from somebody. The tour doesn't start until April 21, and details like opening acts or guests may change before then. We'll keep you posted.

Q: Can Kenny Chesney fans use his name as an e-mail address?
Gina, Grove City, Ohio

A: Gina, using Kenny Chesney's name, or any star's name, as part of your email user name is apparently okay. We get tons of e-mail from fans that say "kennychesneyfan#213, or faithhillfan34, etc. What you can't do is send an e-mail pretending to be an artist or attempt to market anything containing an artist's name or likeness without their permission.