Country Q&A: Week of April 18, 2007

By Neil Haislop


Lee Ann Womack photo courtesy of UMG Nashville.

Each week country music expert Neil Haislop answers your questions!

Q: When is Lee Ann Womack's new CD being released? Her single "Finding My Way Back Home" came out some time ago. Why is there a delay for the album?
(Matthew, Tallahassee, FL)

A: Matthew, the good news is that the album release date has been delayed because Lee Ann found some more great songs to record and went back into the studio to do so. Bad news is, they haven’t announced a release date for the album, but it could be out later this year.

Q: I wonder if anyone ever asked Tim McGraw why has he not written a song for his wife, Faith Hill?
(Myra, Breese, IL)

A: Myra, as far as we know, Tim McGraw hasn’t written, by himself, a definitive love song about his wife. But, he told me that sparks of love flew between him and Faith the first time they sang the love song, "I Need You," on his new album, Let It Go.

"The first time we sang that together was for my last TV special," says Tim. "I’d just gotten it and she had to put the lyrics where she could see them to video tape that duet. But, it was really magic and she really got into it." That song is the new single for both Tim and Faith, they sang it on tour last year and it will be a big number on this year’s tour.

Q: My son-in-law told me heard on a radio station that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were expecting a baby or they recently had one. Is any of this true?
(Kathy, Milledgeville, GA)

A: Kathy, that rumor has been around so long that Nicole could've had a baby and started on another one by now. I recently sat in on a big press interview with Keith, and if a baby was in the offing, there would've been a lot of questions about it.

Q: My question has to do with "Nashville Star" winner Erika Jo. I know she had her CD come out, but since then, nothing. What is the situation with her new album — and why has her first video not been shown in any sort of rotation like some of the other older videos?
(Arron, Bakersfield, CA)

A: Arron, unfortunately, Erika Jo's one single, "I Break Things," just barely broke onto the charts and soon disappeared. She’s not released anything lately that country radio has embraced. She’s no longer on the label where she landed as part of the prize for winning "Nashville Star." These days she's trying to regroup and find a way to restart her career. She's barely 20 at this point, so she has plenty of time to learn, grow, get better and make another serious run at the music business. You can check into her website,, to keep up with how she’s doing.

Q: Is that Toby Keith's daughter that plays his daughter in "Broken Bridges"?
(Sandra, Thornton, CO)

A: No, Sandra, that is not Toby Keith’s daughter in the movie. The actress playing his daughter is Lindsey Haun, a TV star-turned movie actor and now, country recording artist. You see, after working with Lindsey in the film, Toby was so impressed with her singing that he signed her to his Show Dog record label. You can learn more about Lindey at her website,

Q: I've been hearing "Me and God" by Josh Turner all over radio stations and I love it! But, my dad and I got into an argument over who the older man singing the background is. I thought it was Hank Williams Jr. and he thinks it's Little Jimmy Dickens. Help!
(Jess, Jacksonville, TX)

A: Jess, you're both wrong. There are a few people singing background on "Me and God," including Diamond Rio. The older person singing on this one is none other than Ralph Stanley. Josh says his only regret about this album is "that my grandmother isn’t alive to see me sing with Dr. Ralph Stanley."