Tom's Wild Life Cast of Characters

Tom has a team of experts that help him run his successful ranching and outfitting business – a team he calls family! Without his incredible wife Jacque, parents Jerry and Maxine, right-hand man Dave and his four-legged best friend Cooper, there would be no Tom's Wild Life. Keep an eye out for them in the shows and find out a little more about them here:

  • Tom McMillan

    Tom McMillan

    More than 250 days and 2000+ hours hiking and scouting rugged terrain each year, 500+ bug bites during 2 months of miserably hot Kansas nights when most people are sleeping. Setting up more than 200 deer stands and checking more than 120 locations on a map... in his head. Riding horses, roping cattle, competing in rodeos, reaping a harvest, repairing fences and running a ranch. Snagging 30 lb paddlefish, catching bullfrogs, and hunting alligators...with a bow... at night... for fun. This is the life of professional outfitter, outdoor-addict and real-life cowboy Tom McMillan.

    Tom's entire life has helped him prepare for the way he makes his living today, and he has fond memories of skipping school to hunt or fish, of growing up on a tractor and on horseback, and working on the family farm and cattle ranch from the time that he was old enough to walk. Later in life, he worked lots of different jobs, hoping that one of them would pay enough to get ahead. From electrician work, carpentry, horse-shoeing, farming, ranching, custom cattle feeding and buying/selling rope horses to now guiding, outfitting, and recreational real estate. Because he's had to work hard for what he has, he's a consummate host who takes pride in being the best at what he does and making sure his guests have the time of their lives. But he's also a salty, ornery cuss who will tell you that half the people he meets love him and the other half hate him... and you're not sure which he's more proud of. Perhaps his High School Counselor said it best when she called him "A Friend's Best Friend, and an Enemy's Worst Enemy." But regardless of what you might call him, is he 100% genuine? As Tom would say, "Is a frog's ass watertight?" That would be a yes.

  • Jacque McMillan

    Jacque McMillan — Tom's Wife

    Everyone describes Jacque as the "rock" in the relationship. She is down to earth, a methodical thinker, and a voice of reason. And with a husband like Tom, that can be a full time (and often frustrating) job! She was born and raised not too far away in Hutchinson, KS, so she's a Midwest girl through and through. In addition to running operations for their outfitting business and serving as a part-time cook for the lodge, Jacque is an accountant for a local cattle company. She runs a tight ship around the ranch, but don't let the fact that she's an organizational whiz fool you; she's not your typical accountant. Jacque is most guys' dream come true: a beautiful and intelligent partner in life who isn't afraid to let loose, have fun, get dirty, draw back a bow, shoot a rifle or ride horses. Tom is one very lucky guy—a fact which Jacque never lets him forget!

  • Jerry McMillan

    Jerry McMillan — Tom's Dad

    Tom's father, Jerry, just turned 66 years old and still works as a guide and outfitter at the ranch. He is a hard-headed smart ass, which of course Tom greatly admires about him. He is around the lodge every day in hunting season giving his opinions on everything—whether someone is asking for them or not. He has farmed, ranched and hunted in Stafford County Kansas his entire life. Jerry is renowned as the greatest Scout in the family: when no one else is seeing deer, Jerry always seems to know where they are. In addition to helping out at Tom's place, Jerry and Maxine own and operate their own cattle ranch a few miles down the road.

  • Maxine McMillan

    Maxine McMillan — Tom's Mom

    Tom's Mom, Maxine, is every bit the farmer's wife that you'd expect: hardworking, uncomplaining, a great cook, a respected matriarch and an all-around caring and sweet person. But don't let all that fool you--she's also got a side (or three) that you might not expect at first glance. From making local headlines with her shocking Halloween attire to offering her opinions to Tom (whether he wants them or not) to trash talking about hunting with Tom's friends, Maxine is a feisty force to be reckoned with. In addition to running her own ranch, she helps out regularly at Tom's place—especially in the kitchen, where her culinary exploits are legendary. As Tom often says, a good meal can make up quickly for a bad day of hunting. And Tom will be the first one to tell you that one of the big reasons many of his guests come back to the lodge is for Maxine's down-home "Cooking in Camo".

  • Dave Radke

    Dave Radke — Tom's Ranch Hand

    Dave is Tom's right hand man around the ranch. He's loyal, hardworking, and has a knack for misinterpreting Tom's directions and making Tom crazy on a daily basis. Dave does a little of everything: from scouting game to guiding clients, from cleaning deer-blinds in the field to cleaning mini-blinds in the lodge, and from gutting deer to babysitting Tom's dog when he's out of town. Farm hand, guide, mechanic, amateur videographer, potato peeler, horse-stall cleaner, lawn maintenance man, carpenter, and the guy that hasto talk to people at the lodge when Tom decides to hide. Dave is a lovable straight-man who constantly finds himself the butt of Tom's (and Blake's..and Jacque's) jokes.

  • Cooper

    Cooper — Tom's Dog

    Tom's trusty companion is always on the lookout for a good time!