At Home With GAC

At Home with Trisha Yearwood

This is my favorite room because...
everything seems to center around the kitchen. It's where laughter and great conversation always seem to take place.

The most sentimental thing I have in my house is... photographs of my family.

You can find me eating most of my meals... at the kitchen table. No formal dining room stuff for me!

My favorite gadget or appliance in my house is... my Kitchen Aid mixer.

When it comes to pets I'm a little obsessed.

The one thing in my house I could not live without is... my husband. :)

When it comes to keeping things clean and organized around my house... I'm pretty good at it. I let it get to a point, and then I am crazy about cleaning and organizing.

The chore I would do almost anything to get out of doing is... cleaning the bathroom.

The chore I absolutely love to do around the house is... cleaning out my closet and getting rid of stuff I never wear.

My favorite food to make at home is... baked potatoes...weird, I know.

My dream vacation home would be... my own home! Traveling as much as we do, being home is a vacation. But, I would love to live on a beach.

The first thing I do when I get home from a long road trip is make myself a pot of plain old Maxwell House coffee.

My [best or worst] home improvement project has to be the time I... tried to lay tile in my bathroom by myself, tile by tile. Not pretty.