Meet the Great American Heroes from Easton, Pennsylvania

  • Lori McCutcheon

    Lori McCutcheon

    Last Chance Ranch

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    Lori rescued her first horse when she was only 14 years old. When a horse named Cinder was injured Lori overheard the owner planned to get rid of him and she begged her parents for the money to help save him. Lori nursed him back to health and had many great years with him. After college Lori started Last Chance Ranch as a way to reach out and save other horses like Cinder. Lori also works part time as a Human Police Officer fighting for the ethical care of all animals. Last Chance Ranch rescues horses that are neglected or abused and rehabilitates them. Once nursed back to health the horses are trained so they can be placed in new homes. Some are trained for the Philadelphia Mounted Police. When the horses retire from the Mounted Police they will return to ranch to live out their days—this is at zero cost to the department. Last Chance Rescue is kept afloat by donations and the help of about 150 volunteers that all help out in different areas of the ranch.

  • Mike & Tom Rau

    Mike & Tom Rau

    Pennsylvania Water Rescue

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    PAWR is a volunteer water rescue team that helps with emergency calls and also educates the community on water safety. The Rau's have rescue in their blood. Their father was a volunteer fireman and it was hanging around the fire station with their dad that first got them interested in volunteer rescue work. Mike went the route of water rescue after seeing an ad on late night TV that volunteers were need at Pa Water Rescue. Tom, the younger brother, joined many years later. The PA Water Rescue team's primary goal is to save lives. They maintain an emergency response rescue team capable of responding on short notice in order to provide in-water rescue and first aid to people involved in water related accidents. They can handle any type of emergency and also perform search and recovery for boats, motor vehicles and evidence. There are 18 active members. The Pa Water Rescue also does community outreach to teach water safety to kids.

  • Stefan Goslawski

    Stefan Goslawski

    Community Bike Works

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    Community Bike Works uses the mechanics of bike building to teach kids teamwork, commitment and the benefits of giving back to your community. In the early '90s, Stefan Goslawski (former teacher and bike store owner) saw an article in the Sunday paper about a program in NYC that brought bikes to inner city youth. Two weeks later, he received a letter that contained the same article and a note that said, "Wouldn't it be nice if someone did this for the kids in our town?" Stefan contacted reverend Bill Seaman and the Lehigh Valley Conference of Churches and they raised the funds to get the nonprofit started. Stefan trained some volunteers in the winter of '95 and in the summer, Community Bike Works opened its doors. CBW develops and uses peer role models, adult mentors, and bicycles to draw boys and girls, ages 9 to 17, into the program and away from drugs, crime, and the streets. In addition, Community Bike Works partners with local church organizations and the kids fix bicycles and donate them to inner city residents so they can commute to work.