Meet The Farm Kings

  • Lisa King Bio


    Better known as "Mama Bear Lisa" to those closest to her, Lisa is the matriarch and glue of the King family. When a problem comes up, Lisa is always there to jump in and get things done – FAST. She can make 30 pies in an hour and has more energy than all of her 10 kids combined. Once the baking is done, it’s off to the fields, where she cuts her flowers and arranges them for the store as well as for weddings and parties. Then it's off to cook meals for the whole family, shuttle her four youngest kids to school and activities and tend to her youngest son Ben, who has Down syndrome.

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  • Joe King Bio


    Meet Joe King, the oldest child and patriarch of the King family. Joe is tasked with running Freedom Farms and dealing with all the responsibility and stress that comes with the job. Although he is equal partners with younger brothers Tim and Pete, everything runs through Joe first. He plans the big-picture decisions for the business, decides who gets hired or fired, oversees the farm store and bakery, and does the books. Tim calls Joe "The Idea Guy," as Joe is often bursting at the seams with new ways to improve or expand the farm. However, sometimes Joe bites off more than he can chew, which makes for some unhappy brothers.

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  • Elizabeth King Bio


    Nicknamed "Bitty" by her brothers, Elizabeth is the second oldest and only girl in the King family. After spending every year working on the farm, Elizabeth took a year off to get some distance from the stress of the family business. But when Joe needed an extra hand to take over the New Ken Market, Elizabeth showed up with an apron in hand. Despite growing up as the only girl, Elizabeth has an incredibly close bond with each of her nine brothers and is looking forward to working with them again this season.

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  • Tim King Bio


    From seedling to harvest, Tim King plants and tends to the crops at Freedom Farms. Called "The Plant Doctor" by his brother, Pete, Tim is well aware of the importance of a healthy harvest. "There's a lot of weight on my shoulders," says Tim. "The farm is solely resting on the success of the vegetables as a successful harvest. It’s very important that I do this correctly. So yeah, there's a lot of stress." It is not an easy job being a farmer, but with Tim's stubbornness, perseverance and strong will, no one could do it better and look as good doing it.

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  • Pete King Bio


    Every King has his or her role to fill, whether it's working the morning shift in the bakery or heading off to the local farmers market to sell the freshly-picked produce, EVERY King has a job to do. As Pete puts it, "Everybody has their niche. I'm the chicken guy. I'm the field hand. I'm the salesman." Pete is a human machine who can work faster and more efficiently than any of his brothers, calling himself "The Human Harvester." He prides himself on his finger-fast corn-picking skills. Pete's easygoing nature makes him a natural salesman at the farmer's markets and draws quite the crowd of female onlookers when he strips down and shows off those sizzling six-pack abs!

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  • Dan King Bio


    The fourth oldest brother, Dan, works as "The Utility Man" on the farm, filling in any gaps that his brothers need filled. This season, however, Dan is on a mission to prove to his brothers that he is more than just a worker. He's willing to step up to the plate to shoulder more responsibility. When push comes to shove, will Dan be able to rise to the occasion, or will the tiresome hours and long workdays be too much for him to handle?

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  • Luke King Bio


    Luke's brothers call him "The Brain" of the family. He's always gotten good grades and loves school so it's no surprise he's at college studying to be a doctor. But when Luke isn't hitting the books, he's home with his brothers working on the farm. He's a quick learner and his older brothers feel comfortable putting him in any job. Although his brothers would love for him to join the family business, they're proud of him for blazing his own path. Plus they'll have someone to take care of them in their old age.

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  • Sam King Bio


    Sam's what the brothers call the "BMOC" (Big Man on Campus). He's a senior in high school, star of the football team, is the best shot in the family and possibly is the best farmer his age in all of Pennsylvania. He is a teenager going on 30 – mature, hardworking and very determined to succeed. The brothers can't wait for summer when Sam can help them full-time in the field. This year Sam will be put in charge of one of Tim's picking crews. For the first time, Sam will not be just taking orders, he will be giving them, too.

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  • John King Bio


    John is a lot like his brother Pete – handsome, laid-back, a hard worker and fun to be around. When things start to get dicey, John is always able to lighten the mood and make his brothers laugh. John never complains and is always ready, willing and able to help out his brothers on the farm. It also helps that at age 15, John was already built like a brick house!

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  • Paul King Bio


    Paul is the second youngest in the King family and is often compared to his older brother Dan in their looks and personality. Paul may be small but he's a fighter and will commit a hundred percent to any task at hand. Paul is up for any challenge and, in the words of his oldest brother, Joe, "He will impress you every time."

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  • Ben King Bio


    Born with Down syndrome, Ben is an amazing kid, doted on by the whole King family. No one treats him differently, however, because he has special needs, and he is right there working alongside his brothers in the fields. The Kings call Ben a blessing and feel so lucky he is in their lives.

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