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Luke Bryan

How much do you know about Luke Bryan?

How you answered:

Question X

Q: What was the first major award Luke Bryan won?

Correct Answer: ACM New Artist of the Year

You chose: ACM New Artist of the Year ACA Artist of the Year CMA Male Vocalist of the Year CMA New Artist of the Year

Question X

Q: What is the name of Luke’s 2013 album?

Correct Answer: Crash My Party

You chose: Tailgate Party All My Friends Crash My Party Buzzkill

Question X

Q: Luke co-wrote which of Billy Currington's hit songs?

Correct Answer: "Good Directions"

You chose: "People Are Crazy" "I Got A Feelin'" "Must Be Doin' Something Right" "Good Directions"

Question X

Q: What is Luke's guilty pleasure?

Correct Answer: Fishing

You chose: Fishing Video Games Model Cars Reality TV

Question X

Q: Which southern state does Luke hail from?

Correct Answer: Georgia

You chose: Mississippi Alabama South Carolina Georgia

Question X

Q: What is the name of Luke's annual benefit tour?

Correct Answer: Farm Tour

You chose: All My Friends Tour Doin' My Thing Tour Farm Tour Country Man Tour

Question X

Q: What does Luke say is the best Father’s Day gift he’s ever received?

Correct Answer: Ford Bronco

You chose: Custom Guitar Ford Bronco Bruce Springsteen Tickets Hunting Trip to Montana

Question X

Q: Luke performed a Johnny Cash cover with what famous football player at a charity event?

Correct Answer: Peyton Manning

You chose: Peyton Manning John Elway Tom Brady Tim Tebow

Question X

Q: Fan votes helped Luke win what prestigious ACM Award in 2013?

Correct Answer: Entertainer of the Year

You chose: Top Male Vocalist Album of the Year Song of the Year Entertainer of the Year

Question X

Q: Luke’s fans were invited to contribute photos to which of his Spring Break-themed music videos?

Correct Answer: “Just A Sip”

You chose: “Buzzkill” “Suntan City” “Just A Sip” “Sorority Girl”

Question X

Q: Luke played what character in his high school's musical?

Correct Answer: Frank Butler, Annie Get Your Gun

You chose: Frank Butler, Annie Get Your Gun Danny Zuko, Grease Link Larkin, Hairspray Bustopher Jones, CATS

Question X

Q: Luke co-hosted the 2013 ACM Awards with what fellow country superstar?

Correct Answer: Blake Shelton

You chose: Brad Paisley Blake Shelton Reba Carrie Underwood

Question X

Q: What are the names of Luke's two sons?

Correct Answer: Bo and Tate

You chose: Bo and Tate Jason and George Thomas and Charlie Luke Jr. and Bradley

Question X

Q: What is the worst job Luke said he's ever had?

Correct Answer: Grain Bin Elevator Room Cleaner

You chose: Septic Tank Pumper Gas Station Clerk Grain Bin Elevator Room Cleaner Landscaper

Question X

Q: Luke releases an EP every year to celebrate what college rite of passage?

Correct Answer: Spring Break

You chose: Final Exams Graduation Spring Break Football Season

Question X

Q: Luke has a multi-year partnership with what outdoor brand?

Correct Answer: Cabela’s

You chose: Cabela’s Gander Mountain Buck Commander Bass Pro Shop

Question X

Q: What is the name of Luke’s first headlining arena tour?

Correct Answer: Dirt Road Diaries Tour

You chose: All My Friends Tour Dirt Road Diaries Tour Here To Party Tour Tailgates & Tanlines Tour

Question X

Q: Luke debuted which of his hit songs during the 2013 ACM Awards?

Correct Answer: “Crash My Party”

You chose: “I Don’t Want This Night To End” “Drunk On You” “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” “Crash My Party”

Question X

Q: Luke swept the 2012 fan-voted ACA Awards, picking up how many trophies?

Correct Answer: 7

You chose: 5 6 7 8

Question X

Q: What is the name of Luke’s weekly webisode series?

Correct Answer: LBTV

You chose: LBTV Luke Live Backstage with LB Luke TV