At Home With GAC

At Home with Nan Kelley

This is my favorite room because...
this is the room we save for company. This is like our Christmas china. You save that for the best and most favorite time of year. We don't put a TV in here; we don't hang out in here every day. This is a place that's special. When company comes, this is where we hang out.

The most sentimental thing I have in my house is... my grandmother's recipe box—with recipes in her handwriting. It sat on her kitchen counter and I remember it being there for all of my life.

When it comes to pets I'm... absolutely crazy for 'em. Our dogs bring our home and our lives such joy. They are our 4-legged babies.

My favorite gadget or appliance in my house is... my slow cooker. I use it at least twice a week—soups, chicken, pot roast—I even made a cake in it this summer!

You can find me eating most of my meals... in our den or at the bar in the kitchen.

The one thing in my house I could not live without is... my down comforter.

When it comes to keeping things clean and organized around my house... I want to do better. I love for things to be clean, but I am a distracted house keeper—do a little here, do a little there.

The chore I would do almost anything to get out of doing is... unloading the dishwasher or putting up folded clothes.

The chore I absolutely love to do around the house is... wash clothes, iron, clean with Windex! I'm kinda obsessed with it like the dad in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

My favorite food to make at home is... seafood gumbo on Christmas Eve. My grandmother made gumbo at Christmas and though mine is never gonna be as good as hers was, it is now a tradition at our house.

My dream vacation home would be... in the mountains of maybe Montana, Colorado or Vermont.

The first thing I do when I get home from a long road trip is... leave the suitcases at the bottom of the stairs and sit on the living room rug with Charlie and the dogs and decompress.

My [best or worst] home improvement project has to be the time I... helped Charlie pour concrete for our driveway last summer. Ugh—75 bags! He mixed by hand and I was the helper - and not a very good one at that.