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VOTING RULES: You may only vote once each day per IP (Internet Protocol) address (i.e., once per computer or other electronic device capable of accessing the Internet). Any manipulation of this voting rule will result in the artist being penalized with a reduction in their vote total.

1. Browse Nominees -> 2. Pick Your Favorites -> 3. Vote!
  1. Scroll through the list of nominees. You can sort the list by either Song Name or Artist Name.
  2. When you find a nominee you like, either drag that selection to the ballot box or click the “add” button. To remove your selection, click on the “remove” button on the ballot slot, or drag the nominee out of the ballot box.
  3. Once you have made at least one selection, click on the “Vote!” button to cast your ballot. Remember, you may vote only once per day.
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Special Note: If a video reaches and remains in the Top 20 for a total of 15 weeks, it will be retired from the ballot.