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Watch GAC’s new show The Hitmen of Music Row and get up close and personal with four of country music’s most outrageous songwriters: Bob DiPiero, Tony Mullins, Jeffrey Steele, and Craig Wiseman! Tune in and follow these songwriting gurus as they go on tour and go about their hit-making ways! GAC is offered on Ch. 167 on DISH Network and on Ch. 326 on DIRECTV; check your local cable listings or click here to search for GAC in your area!

A GAC Exclusive 5-Part Series

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Hitmen Trivia Challenge

Think you know a thing or two about country's hottest stars and biggest hits? Take the Hitmen Trivia Challenge and let's find out!

Hitmen Hangman

The Hitmen of Music Row have nearly 40 #1 songs to their collective credit—see if you can figure out the song titles or artist names before you get hung by the Hitmen! Exclusive Interviews
Premieres September 26 at 8pm ET

The Hitmen of Music Row #1 Songs

Between them, they have written nearly 40 #1 songs for stars from Trace Adkins to Van Zant and almost everyone in between!
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Stories Behind the Songs

The Hitmen of Music Row share what inspired them to write some of their biggest hits! Get the scoop »

Hitmen of Music Row Q&A

Ever wonder how the mind of a hit songwriter works? Click on all 10 questions below and see for yourself.

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Q:What's one thing that the other Hitmen don't know about you?
Bob DiPiero: I have this horrible highly-infectious disease. It's passed through close contact and the sharing of capos. One day you wake up and you have a flipper growing out of your chest. You get used to it, though.
Tony Mullins:

They don't know I have a Doctoral degree in Reverse Psychology.

Jeffrey Steele:

I was in an episode of “Murder, She Wrote.”

Craig Wiseman: I've sat here for 10 minutes thinking… I either need to get a life or quit yakkin so much about me to my friends! (guess which one the guys pick?)
Q:What inspires you?
Bob DiPiero:

Great music.

Tony Mullins: Mama's homemade soup beans and cornbread with fried taters and onions topped off with her banana pudding and a big ole glass of sweet tea.
Jeffrey Steele:

My family and a great melody.

Craig Wiseman: Life, Love, all of the mushy stuff, people being people, laughing at the comedy God writes so well, crying with friends until the comedy returns. Great Music.
Q:What song do you wish you'd written?
Bob DiPiero:

“Like a Rolling Stone”

Tony Mullins:

The Beatles—“Yesterday”

Jeffrey Steele: Hmmm…“Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground,” “I Always Get Lucky With You.” But there are hundreds.
Craig Wiseman: All of those ones that got away that were in my head and never made it to tape.
Q:What's your biggest pet peeve?
Bob DiPiero:

Inconsiderate people.

Tony Mullins: The 20 sec. delay it takes some drivers to pull out when a stop light turns green.
Jeffrey Steele:

People who don't vote and then complain about government.

Craig Wiseman:

People who drain the coffee pot and don't make more.

Q:If you weren't a songwriter, what else would you be doing?
Bob DiPiero:

God only knows!

Tony Mullins:

Trying to be a bad songwriter.

Jeffrey Steele: Well my last job was a steel cutter baby, but I would've tried cartoon voiceovers, acting, or baseball or pro mountain biking.
Craig Wiseman:


Q:Who's the “diva” of the Hitmen?
Bob DiPiero:

Well, the obvious answer is Jeff. But…my vote goes to Craig.

Tony Mullins:

The obvious answer would be Jeffrey but the real answer is Bob.

Jeffrey Steele:

It's either me or Bob. We're both delicate angry flowers.

Craig Wiseman:

Jeffrey????? Nah-it's Bob. (It's a cry for help)

Q:If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
Bob DiPiero: The ability to write only when I'm going to write a super smash. Then I wouldn't have to work so hard.
Tony Mullins: Invisible…so I could sneek in George Strait's next recording session the night before they record and put one of my songs at the top of his cut list.
Jeffrey Steele:

To fly—then I could say “Hey” to Alex in heaven.

Craig Wiseman: Time travel (is that a super power? Einsteinman…) Oh, the places I would go.
Q:When writing or performing, what's your beverage of choice?
Bob DiPiero: Writing: Coffee, coffee, coffee.
Performing: Five-hour energy drink with a water chaser.
Tony Mullins: Writing, it's high test coffee black…performing, it's anything I can get my hands on that's free and cold.
Jeffrey Steele:

Makers Mark or Jack Daniels Whiskey.

Craig Wiseman:

It's country music and I do my part by having a cold beer.

Q:If there was a Mount Rushmore of country artists, who'd be on it?
Bob DiPiero: Johnny Cash, Eddy Arnold, Waylon Jennings, Tammy Wynette, Hank Williams, Sr.
Tony Mullins:

Me, Bob, Craig and Jeff

Jeffrey Steele: Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr. They are the four great presidents.
Craig Wiseman: Well, since we have a TV show now and everybody expects the Hitmen to get the big head anyway…
Q:What's your favorite guilty pleasure song (song you love but are ashamed to admit it)?
Bob DiPiero: One I wrote: “Wink” (recorded by Neal McCoy)
One somebody else wrote: “Come And Get Your Love” (recorded by Redbone). I love that song!
Tony Mullins:

“One Bad Apple” (recorded by The Osmonds)

Jeffrey Steele:

“Still the One” haha (recorded by Shania Twain)

Craig Wiseman: Wow! That's endless, but I'm an old church camper, so “The Hokey Pokey.” I danced to it about a week ago with my wife and 40 kids.