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At Home with Suzanne Alexander

This is my favorite room because...
I love the outdoors, and this room lets me enjoy that while providing shelter from the Tennessee bugs.

The most sentimental thing I have in my house is... my Dad's shirt. I lost him back in 2003, so it's nice to have that around.

You can find me eating most of my meals... In my sunroom. Dinner time is also the time all the deer love to come out to eat. They provide dinner theater for me.

My favorite gadget or appliance in my house is... the juicer and the food processor. They make life easier.

The first thing I do when I get home from a long road trip is... jump on the couch and grab my dog, Cooper.

The one thing in my house I could not live without is... besides my dog and my couches, is my music. I have to have good speakers!

The chore I would do almost anything to get out of doing is... pulling weeds and cleaning up after the dogs in the yard.

The chore I absolutely love to do around the house is... cooking, if that can be considered a chore.

My favorite food to make at home is... Italian. Although I've gotten into making soups lately - much better for the diet!

My dream vacation home would be... in the mountains of Colorado where I can ski in and out.

When it comes to pets I'm... overbearing. They are my kids.

My [best or worst] home improvement project has to be the time I... cut up the carpet because the dogs "ruined" it. I had to wait to get help to pull up the rest. There is new carpet there now.

When it comes to keeping things clean and organized around my house... I'm a procrastinator. I've had various friends throughout my life help me purge.