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What does it take to build in one of the most remote and rugged areas on the planet? We follow daring individuals who set out to construct their dream properties in the obscure Alaskan wilderness. With no roads and no building supply centers, you have to get creative when you're Building Alaska.

Facts and Photos

Host Bob May has led scores of outdoorsmen on dream trips of Alaska. Now he sets out to build the ultimate hunting lodge. Watch as he an his team battle extreme elements and overcome personal challenges to make his dream home a reality.

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The Builders

Chuck Gerwig, Lee Raymond and Jim Wagner set out to build three cabins in remote areas of the Alaskan Frontier. They are totally off the grid and ready to embark on an extremely labor intensive adventure. The three men decide to risk it all to carve out their homes in some of the most unforgiving wilderness on the planet.

When winter arrives, the race will be over. To say it's a challenge is an understatement. From lakes, to glaciers, to areas savaged by fire, nobody will be immune from Alaska's hostile nature. You won't believe what the men have to endure. Watch as their family and friends rally around their dream, and how one builder must move forward after an extreme loss.

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