Day Jobs

Episode GCDAY-103H

Neal McCoy, Chuck Wicks & Rodney Atkins

Neal McCoy - Women's Show Salesman
Neal McCoy is a salesman - he can sell a song, so it's no wonder he could sell shoes. But that was after college, and before the days of computer scanners and steep daily sales goals. Neal's co-worker, Joe is the top salesman in women’s shoes. Joe and Neal literally go toe to toe to be top dog. Now if Neal could just find his way out of the stockroom ...

Chuck Wicks - Farmer
Growing up, Chuck Wicks was surrounded by generations of farmers, so it's no wonder his first job was in the family business. Chuck harvested the potato crops in the summers, always a hot and dirty job. In this episode, Chuck works at the Swaz Potato Farm, a family farm in business for over 100 years. Brothers Carl and Mike are 4th generation farmers and immediately remind Chuck of the good - and the challenging parts - of working with family.

Rodney Atkins - Landscaper
When Rodney Atkins was 12, he started a lawn mowing business, which quickly grew into his own landscaping service. Even with his busy country career, he refuses to hire a landscaper. Adam, the owner of Monarch Landscapes, also started mowing lawns, but had a rough road to get his business off the ground and prospering. Something Rodney and Adam share, a desire to give back, will surprise a deserving family with something they could only dream about.