Day Jobs

Episode GCDAY-104H

Gary Allan, Eddie Montgomery & Josh Kelley

Gary Allan - General Contractor
After 13 years away as a General contractor, Gary Allan walked on the job site as though he never left. From the moment he met his boss Chance at Keystone Building Group Gary dove right into the work and didn't blink an eye. The two learned more about what they have in common and how both their businesses are hurting from the economy. Gary walked on the job site a bit nervous, but left having a blast and wanting to remodel a room in his home.

Eddie Montgomery - Butcher
As one half of the country group Montgomery Gentry, Eddie has had a lot of success. But before the fame and fast-paced life, Eddie lived a simple life in Kentucky, Born into a family of musicians, they all shared a family day job - at a butcher shop. Working along side Mike Taglio and his wife and children for the day, brings back some heartfelt memories for Eddie and he finds more in common with the Taglios then he could ever have imagined.

Josh Kelley - Golf Instructor
Josh Kelley still golfs, but it's been 10 years since he worked his day job as a golf instructor. Josh starts his day at Anaconda Hills thinking he’ll be hitting a few balls, but he is put right to work, washing carts, running the picker to retrieve balls and having to face his toughest audience yet - a group of 10 year olds who'd rather throw balls than hit them!