Day Jobs

Episode GCDAY-201H

Jason Aldean, Bill Engvall

Jason Aldean – Atlanta Braves baseball player
His high school dreams of being drafted to the major leagues did not pan out, but his love for the sport continued as he moved on to a music career. It's been over 15 years since Jason was a regular on the baseball diamond. The chance to suit up with the Atlanta Braves for a day of spring training has him dust off his old bat and glove to see if he has what it takes to hang with the big boys. With the help of his hunting buddy, All-Star Chipper Jones, Jason shows his natural talent on the field.

Bill Engvall – Inner Space Cavern tour guide
It's easy to see the connection Bill has to his hometown of Georgetown, Texas, as he heads back to his college job at Inner Space Caverns. He credits this tour guide experience with cultivating his early comedy career. Sighting that a good guide has to be informative but entertaining at the same time and a cave was a great place to test out new jokes. His first challenge of the day is playing to an audience of first-graders, who are more interested in the bats in the cave. Keeping up with their questions is a full time job, let alone trying to hit the key points of the twelve-page script he received only moments before their arrival. Bill's quick wit helps him through the school tour, but there's no fooling the Geology professor and his students who show up for an afternoon tour. Bill surprises them and himself with his knowledge and renewed love for the cave.