Day Jobs

Episode GCDAY-203H

Colt Ford, Hunter Hayes, Karen Fairchild

Colt Ford – Sports Talk Radio Host
Former professional golfer turned country music star, Colt Ford found the perfect combination for his day job. He's putting on the headsets and jumping behind the microphone at 104.5 the Zone the most popular sports talk radio station in the country. Colt may be comfortable talking sports, but there's more to the daily radio show then stats and interviews. Taking over for the Producer JT, it's time for Colt to get to work in the control room. Overwhelmed by multitude of buttons and technology, he's quick to joke that it’' like flying a spaceship. Learning the ins and outs of the radio station push Colt out of his comfort zone, but as the time approaches for the night's 3HL call-in show, he's anxious to sit in the "lead chair" and go live on the air.

Hunter Hayes – IndyCar driver
With a passion for automobiles and racing, one of country music's newest stars, Hunter Hayes, is drawn to the IndyCar series and pursuing his need for speed. With the help of the young and talented driver Josef Newgarden, Hunter preps to get behind the wheel. Hanging on every word and instruction, he wonders if he can ever really be prepared. After working with the crew and learning the lingo, it's time to drive – as soon as Hunter can learn how to drive a manual transmission.

Karen Fairchild – Wardrobe Stylist
Red carpet looks, music video wardrobes and personal style have always come easy for Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild – with the help of a stylist, of course. Karen quickly learns that there is a lot more that goes into a photo shoot then showing up and smiling for the cameras. Clothing pulls, shoe runs, accessory choices are just a few tasks Karen has to undertake when a last-minute magazine shoot pops up for Nashville Lifestyles Magazine.