Day Jobs

Episode GCDAY-204H

Trisha Yearwood, Trailer Choir, Niki Taylor

Trisha Yearwood – Confectioner (Candy Maker)
Trisha Yearwood's love of cooking and baking was inspired by her mother's ability to bring people together with great meals—family traditions she shares with Irish-born marshmallow and candy maker Sarah, Trisha's boss and co-worker. But Trisha's southern-inspired meals haven't yet brought her to candy land. Now she'll have to put her sweet tooth to the test in order to create, sell, and run a sweets shop.

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Trailer Choir – Restaurants Managers
Trailer Choir, the country duo of Vinny and Butter are all set for a day in the restaurant business at the popular Tennessee tourist spot, Puckett's. Located in the small town of Leipers Fork, this down home cooking establishment is an old local favorite. The family business is lead by Rob and Shanel Robinson who welcome the boys and quickly lay down the ground rules for employees. The first order of business is not what the duo expected as they are sent out to chop wood for the outdoor fire pit. Before the dinner rush the pair are challenged to a cook off in the kitchen for the night's special. Culinary comedy ensues as they work with the ingredients at hand to create a signature dish. And the winner is?

Niki Taylor – Sous Chef
Supermodel Niki Taylor has always found joy in cooking. She's always been comfortable in the kitchen, from the early memories of helping her mother and now with her husband as they prepare meals for their family. Niki is excited about working with Chris and Erika of the Chef and I, a catering company that is getting ready for a big networking night at the local Wedding 101 event. With limited time before the brides for the night arrive, Niki is put right to work as Chris's sous chef. The frantic pace and challenging dishes are just one part of the challenge. Presentation and answering questions on the dishes are also important as the brides sample around the room. Can Niki help the team book in new clients?