Day Jobs

Episode GCDAY-205H

Kellie Pickler, Laura Bell Bundy, Joey + Rory

Kellie Pickler – Elephant Care Giver
Animal lover Kellie Pickler has a once in a lifetime experience as a caregiver at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Helping animals has always been an important part of Kellie's life. She learns about some of the tragic stories of their past, and how the Elephant Sanctuary is helping provide a quality of life they would've experienced in the wild. Kellie takes in every moment working alongside the caregivers, as they tend to these magnificent creatures.

Laura Bell Bundy – Doggy Daycare
Laura Bell got her own first dog, Lily, when she as 6 years old. Ever since, she has been a passionate advocate for animal rights. Her boss and co-worker, Nancy, at Camp Bow Wow shares the same love for animals. Unlike Nancy, Laura Bell isn't used to caring for 100 dogs at once. Laura Bell will have to manage and care for a very large camp of waggin' tails and wet noses.

Joey & Rory – Dairy Farmers
They love the outdoor life, but spending the day working on a dairy farm gives this country couple a whole new appreciation for a hard day's work. It's all in the family on the Hatcher Dairy Farm, where Joey & Rory take the milk all the way from the cow to the bottle.