Day Jobs

Episode GCDAY-206H

Gretchen Wilson, Lee Brice, Robin Meade

Robin Meade – factory worker
It's been 20 years since News Journalist Robin Meade worked along side her mother, Sharon in a factory. Driving into work she's anxious and preparing herself for mom to "run her into the ground." Knowing mom's strong work ethic and personality she braces herself for a day full of hard work. Sharon is all business as they get to work on the line. The mother and daughter pair work side by side through the day and as always, mother knows best.

Gretchen Wilson – Waitress
As a young teenager, Gretchen Wilson was a waitress and bartender in order to help support her family. She learned the value of a dollar early on just like her co-worker, Meka. But it's been 11 years since Gretchen took orders and refilled drinks. Gretchen steps into her favorite Waffle House restaurant to revisit part of her past keeping customers happy and working for tips. But this time, Gretchen will have to communicate the "Waffle House Way": Scattered, smothered, or covered!

Lee Brice – Electrician
Lee Brice returns home to Sumter, South Carolina to work with his father, Kenny, for the first time in seven years a commercial electrician. The two will work side-by-side, 85 feet in the air, repairing broken lighting fixture at a soccer field. Kenny has owned his own business for the last twenty-five years, and has always wanted Lee to take over the family business - but first, Lee will need to overcome his fear of heights.