Great American Heroes

Episode GCUSA-104L

Atlanta, Georgia

Trace meets a diverse group of heroes during his stay in Atlanta, Georgia. When 18 year-old Mackenzie Bearup discovered the healing power of reading while dealing with chronic pain, she decided to share that with those who may not be able to afford books. She shows Trace her growing collection of donated books and he joins her as she brings them to a homeless shelter and spends time with some kids. When Trace catches up with Dana Upton, he is introduced to her method of mentoring at-risk kids through the art and discipline of dance in her program Moving In The Spirit. Dana considers Moving In The Spirit to be a tool that also teaches students life and workplace skills. Karen Harris, the founder of Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta, is a parent of a child with food allergies, just like Trace is. Trace understands all too well the importance of educating the community about the debilitating and sometimes life-threatening effects of food allergies, as well as providing a support system for parents.

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