Great American Heroes

Episode GCUSA-105L

Easton, Pennsylvania

As Trace's tour bus stops in Easton, Pennsylvania, Trace takes the opportunity to meet three local heroes. Lori McCutcheon runs Last Chance Ranch, where she rescues, rehabilitates and trains neglected and abandoned horses, many of whom are trained specifically for the Philadelphia Mounted Police. Lori introduces Trace to some of her animals and the techniques they use to train them. Trace also encounters brothers Mike and Tom Rau who are volunteers with Pennsylvania Water Rescue where they not only save lives and help with emergency calls, but also educate the community on water safety. Mike and Tom show Trace some of what their volunteers have to do in order to keep their rescue skills sharp. On his visit to Community Bike Works, founder Stefan Goslawski shows Trace how his program uses the concept of earning bicycles to draw boys and girls into their doors and away from drugs, crime and the streets.

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