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Jolie and Amie are back with a perfectly "junky" flagship store, new room makeovers and a product line for one of the most recognized brands in home decor. This season, the whole family gets involved in the Junk Gypsy businesses and helps the sisters to open the Wander Inn.

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  Description Date Time Episode  
  Large Marge 09/29/2014 4:00 PM HJKGP-204H  
  Boy Scout Bedroom 09/29/2014 4:30 PM HJKGP-110FH  
  Dierks Bentley Airstream 09/29/2014 5:00 PM HJKGP-105FH  
  Store Makeover 09/29/2014 5:30 PM HJKGP-202H  
  Fairy Tale Living Room 09/29/2014 6:00 PM HJKGP-108FH  
  Antiques Week 09/29/2014 6:30 PM HJKGP-102FH  
  PBTeen 10/13/2014 4:00 PM HJKGP-208H  
  Grand Opening 10/13/2014 4:30 PM HJKGP-201H  
  Bohemian Bedroom 10/13/2014 5:00 PM HJKGP-109FH  
  Yonder Way Farm 10/13/2014 5:30 PM HJKGP-206H  
  Retro Rock Star Living Room 10/13/2014 6:00 PM HJKGP-112FH  
  Office of Daydreams 10/13/2014 6:30 PM HJKGP-106FH  
  Antiques Week 10/20/2014 4:00 PM HJKGP-102FH  
  Sadie Robertson T-Shirt 10/20/2014 4:30 PM HJKGP-203H  
  Junk-O-Rama Prom 10/20/2014 5:00 PM HJKGP-111FH  
  PBTeen 10/20/2014 5:30 PM HJKGP-208H  
  Grand Opening 10/20/2014 6:00 PM HJKGP-201H  
  Fairy Tale Living Room 10/20/2014 6:30 PM HJKGP-108FH  
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