GAC Specials

Episode GCCHO-101L

The Henry Cho Show

What do you do if you're a comedian with a garage full of props, a phone full of country music stars numbers, and an over-active imagination? Well if you're Henry Cho, you put on a show! After mis- dialing a few numbers, getting migraine inducing singing lessons from a few famous friends, and receiving questionable advice from his fellow comedian pals -- The Henry Cho Show was born! Henry and friends gaze back out of the fishbowl with a sideways look at themselves, country music, and southern life in this unpredictable, but always funny special. The Henry Cho Show - all you can laugh comedy, whether you want it or not.

Henry's special guests include: Vince Gill, Rodney Atkins, Phil Vassar, Deana Carter, Marty Roe and more!