GAC Specials

Episode GCBIO-103

Backstory: Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton - joined by family, friends, famous girlfriend Miranda Lambert, and industry insiders - shares his life story - the tale of a small town, long-haired, Oklahoma boy who arrives in Nashville at age 17 to make his mark in country music. After 7 years of 'starving-artist' struggle, Shelton's rise to fame was grounded not only in his rich baritone voice heard on emotional ballads like "Austin", "The Baby", and "Home"; but also in his celebrated, offbeat, sense of humor seen in hilarious hits like "Ol' Red", "Some Beach" and "The More I Drink". Recently named as one of 'America's Sexiest Men,' the ruggedly handsome Shelton reveals his personal battles with family tragedy, divorce, industry politics, and a career that often had as many valleys as peaks; to arrive today at a new level of success - on his own terms.