GAC Specials

Episode GCZBS-101SP

Introducing: Zac Brown Band

The Zac Brown Band has proven their popularity by rising to the top of the charts, but their newfound success is a result of focusing on what matters most: the music and their fans. From their roots in a small Atlanta-area club to performing over 200 dates a year, the band's grassroots following has propelled them into the national spotlight. In this episode of "Introducing," GAC follows Zac back to the bar where it all started, stops at home for an intimate interview with this devoted family man, and takes a look at two of Zac's favorite hobbies. The heart of the group's success is in their live performances, also featured in the special, and it's on the road with the group that Zac demonstrates another ability that draws a crowd. He's a serious cook, and you'll see the feast he prepares for his road crew and friends before concerts. "Introducing: Zac Brown Band" is a revealing look into the struggles and successes of one of the most unique bands in country music.